Who I Am | Hawwah Nofeeyah

I am a truth seeker in a time when too many honor the lie. I am a believer in a time of infinite potential and possibilities, so I shudder at the words and thoughts that attack the act of believing and the power of BELIEF.

I am a healer in the time of doctors - people desiring and needing health but not having the time nor the inclination to pursue true health principles. I am a soarer of heights in a time when people prefer to crawl, believing in artificial highs, as opposed to the natural flight of a liberated and joyful soul.

I am one in pursuit of the sanctity and sacredness of love and life as companions, so that I might bask in the spirit of truth, reverence, purpose and hope; as a way of life, in ways that hold the space sacred and open to all who are ready to enter. I am, that I am, an ever-evolving, ever-unfolding: conscious, creative, dynamic, expressive facet of Yahawah.