Captivation of love -

It is a poignant story

one that needs to be told

a story of courage and freedom

the essentials of the soul…

Side by side

with power and conviction

I saw it all in a glimpse

in my peripheral vision

I saw it as one who stood tall

Still, tranquil but exuding

such presence

I recognized it as the total

of my ethereal essence

His eyes said it all…

I will not move – I have a right

to be

which is why I am,

can’t you see

You fear me he said,

in my bodily form


I’ve come unexpectedly and

taken you quite by storm

Tempestuous I admit

but I am love

as powerful as the winds,

the torrent rains,

the waves of the ocean

and the sun above

My spirit is fierce

I’m as that fire

which is all-consuming

as strong as impenetrable steel-

apparently looming –

to those afraid to surrender

themselves to me

those who see me as bondage

though in truth I am free

you confuse me with the trappings

of a persistent ego –But you should know

I am unconditional

I soar high – I don’t sit low

He closed his eyes

turned and walked away

for me, that was a sad

and lonely day

I was left with some fragmentation

of myself – but definitely not whole

Captivation of love –

love pierced my soul

As I search again, at least I know

Look high my spirit- He doesn’t exist low

A simple but profound message…

I am and I have a right to be

should we meet again

willingly surrender and engage me

I have something you need to see

I’ll not entrap you-

I’ll set you free