book 3

The Dynamics of Spiritual Living

Hawwah Nofeeyah

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Guided E-Course

I wrote The Dynamics of Spiritual Living in 2010. I wrote it as a free-spirited individual believing that the way I heard it and the way it was formatted, was as relevant to the reading of it as even the comprehension of the message. It was a living word and I didn't want to tamper with it in anyway. Now years later, I have mixed feelings about it. I don't want to tamper with the work, but in some way, I feel the necessity to provide a platform which would enable my readers to get greater clarity from the work.

Imagine walking down the street with a friend and the two of you hear an utterance. Neither of you may be sure of what you heard, but you believe you heard a specific thing. It would be questionable to deny the utterance or to even argue about whose hearing was more accurate. It just might mean that each individual was meant to wrestle with the utterance until clarity, which would be food to each one's soul, would be given. With that in mind, I won't change the utterance, but strive instead to bring more clarity so that my readership would have the benefits. Trust the process. Welcome to The Dynamics of Spiritual Living's Guided E-Course.