Love - A Far Reach
                                                ~Hawwah Nofeeyah

It was a far reach,

that for which I reached

and some would say

a law, a promise…was

somehow breached

the very foundation of

that which I sought

strewn across the landscape

in a distant reality

It was this for which I fought

trying to keep it alive-

an anomaly for those

willing to strive –

for it

that which grabbed my attention

and would not let go

It was a glimpse which I caught

but this I know

having it with all of its

possibilities and worth

made the sacrifice for it

well worth its birth.

It was a vision robed in light

that shone so bright

radiant beyond belief

with a power so great

to it, I was drawn

like destiny or fate

and I like an impulsive child

could not wait …

believing this seductive mysterious

force possible to embrace

though I learned

such was not the case

because as I reached for it

It withdrew its presence

leaving me to search for

its vaporous essence

Where did it go

and why, why, why

did it reveal itself to me?

this indefeasible expression of love

that only I could see.

I took it as an invitation

I retain it as my inspiration

I call it a visitation.

It was love

In all of its grandeur

promising immortality masked

as a fountain of youth

this was no imitation

this was love in truth

and I felt invincible.

And so, for it  I reached,

though something was sacrificed

and something was breached