Original Poetry By Hawwah Nofeeyah

Love – A Far Reach

It was a far reach,
that for which I reached
and some would say
a law, a promise…was
somehow breached
the very foundation of
that which I sought
strewn across the landscape
in a distant reality
It was this for which I fought
trying to keep it alive-
an anomaly for those
willing to strive –




It’s the more on the outskirt of
linear reality
that I’m reaching for
It’s the gap between the invisible
and the visible which draws me
more and more
Images of you appear and disappear
just beyond the speed of light
so no one takes notice except me
it’s my never-ending plight
Ever so gently-
as the last second of dusk
before the dawn
It leaves its impression upon me
and I am forever drawn



Captivation of love -
It is a poignant story
one that needs to be told
a story of courage and freedom
the essentials of the soul…
Side by side
with power and conviction
I saw it all in a glimpse
in my peripheral vision
I saw it as one who stood tall
Still, tranquil but exuding
such presence
I recognized it as the total
of my ethereal essence