~Hawwah Nofeeyah

It’s the more on the outskirt of

linear reality

that I’m reaching for

It’s the gap between the invisible

and the visible which draws me

more and more

Images of you appear and disappear

just beyond the speed of light

so no one takes notice except me

it’s my never-ending plight

Ever so gently-


as the last second of dusk

before the dawn

It leaves its impression upon me

and I am forever drawn

If you would be still…

If you would listen to

the song of silence resounding

into eternity but beginning

within my heart

If you could see beyond the

encasement of my words-

break them open –


tear them apart

then you would be able to

take flight

meet me where I am-

no resistance, no fight

Take flight in thought

where wonder does abound

and wisdom is given freely.

for this is where

I can be found

then you would see more

There is so much more

life has in store

If only you could surrender

pride, arrogance

fear and doubt.

Love is in truth,

the only way out

Desire only love

accept only love

be embraced by simply love

that comes from above

with its myriad of faces,

styles and expressions


pierce the veil of perpetual deception

Reach for love.

It is found in the more

that exists outside our linear

perception of reality;

the mystery

beyond the door

Yes, just outside on the outskirt

there exists more

and I am reaching for more.

What about you- what are

you waiting for?